Which Kind of Hits Does Google Analytics Track?

Google Analytics helps to grow your website traffic. Learn which kind of hits does google analytics track.

Google Analytics is considered as one of the most potent tools for marketers around the world. It allows marketers to track more than 200 metrics online while receiving a huge amount of data in terms of hits. There are so many important things to know about Google Analytics hits. We advise you to go through the details below to boost your knowledge base. 

What are Google Analytics Hits?

Google Analytics hits are better known as the fundamental blocks of Google Analytics. They are essential pieces of information that are generated through user interactions. After packaging, they are sent to Google Analytics servers for further processing. 

First of all, the user data is divided into different parameters and then attached to some GIF image requests. After processing, this data is available in the form of some valuable reports. 

There are a wide range of hits that Google Analytics can track. If you are interested to know which kind of hits does Google Analytics track, prefer to go through the list below to boost your knowledge base:

7 Kind of Hits Google Analytics Track

Pageview Hit

Whenever a user views a specific page on the browser, a pageview hit is generated. It doesn’t matter if the user has visited the platform earlier or not. 

Screen View Hit

If users visualize some content or screen within a dedicated app, it generates screen view hit. It helps business professionals know which content is often viewed by users. 

Event Hit

This hit is responsible for recording web page interactions. It works whenever the user clicks on the link, submit a form, play any video or download something from the webpage. Note that, this hit is measured separately, without considering page views. 

Social Interaction Hit

It keeps on measuring the social interactions on target webpages. It may be shares or likes on social media.

E-commerce Hit

This hit keeps on recording user interactions on the e-Commerce platform. It works when people place some product into their shopping cart or finalize it for purchase. 

User Timing Hits

It tracks the time taken by certain tasks to occur on the webpage. For instance, it can be the page load time, image loading time, or the time taken by different buttons to generate a response. 

Exception Hit

This hit records the crashes and errors on the website. 

You will be happy to hear that it is quite easier to view the data that your Google Analytics Hits are capturing online. The simplest trick is to visit the network tab on the browser and then open the test page for the website. There you can find data about all the hits. 

There is no doubt to say that Google can collect a huge amount of data; however, every hit has a specific collection limit. The obtained information can be further processed to enhance your returns in the long run. The custom settings of analytics tools can help you obtain desired data from the target platforms. 

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