Difference Between Google Panda And Google Penguin

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Probably you are actively involved in the field of blogging and SEO. That is why you are more interested in collecting some in-depth knowledge about optimization. Well, the two big names in this field are Google Penguin and Google Panda. They are responsible for most of the search engine optimization related activities. In short, they play an essential role in deciding website ranking online. 

In general terms, Panda and Penguin are two most famous updates from the Google platform. There are so many interesting things to know about them. Prefer to go through the article below to update your knowledge base. It will help you make your website or blog achieve higher ranking online. 

What is Google Panda?

Panda was launched by Google in the year 2011. It was basically introduced to add some changes to the existing search engine algorithm. Google Panda was designed to keep all low-quality websites away from the top-quality results. As Google always want to serve the most relevant and valuable content to the users, this update helped to achieve the target. 

It brought all the optimized websites on the top of the search engine. The websites with excessive advertising content and low-quality information were buried below. When the Panda was launched for the very first time, it had almost 22 updates in all. 

What is Google Penguin?

Here is another major update from Google that came into the market in the year 2012. It was also very useful for SEO experts with many amazing features. The main idea behind this update was to penalize websites that had low-quality content. The ranking of such websites was naturally decreased. 

This update was really dangerous for all those websites that make use of black hat SEO techniques. All the websites having duplicate content, unnecessary keyword stuffing, or bad content were ranked down. 

Difference Between Google Panda And Google Penguin

Now, the next question in your mind must be about the difference between both these updates from the Google search engine. Well, as already described, the main idea behind Google Panda was to penalize all the poor-quality websites. On the other side, penguin worked for defocusing websites that violated the webmaster guidelines or tried to implement some black hat SEO techniques. 

Panda was observed to have more than 22 updates, whereas penguins just got three updates only. The websites ranked down by these tools need to use standard strategies to improve their content quality. The idea was to take away all the duplicate content and ensuring fresh updates on the websites. 

Although there are so many differences between Panda and Penguin, their major goal is to bring the best content to the searchers. These updates from Google created major trouble for all the SEO experts around the world. They were forced to work hard to bring their websites on the top. If you are also working in this direction, it is better to follow some trusted techniques to boost your content quality on websites and blogs.

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  1. Great Post. Google Panda update is to penalize the website, which are having low quality content in the website. Whereas Google Penguin update is relating to the quality of backlinks, if the website is not having quality backlinks, than Google may penalize such sites.


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