What is Backlink in SEO and How to Get More Backlinks?

Are you planning to grow your business online? What is backlink in SEO & how to get backlinks? Probably, it is the right time to get started with a solid digital media strategy.

The idea is to maintain a solid presence online so that customers can find you with ease. Well, search engine optimization (SEO) can help you better in this regard. The latest website management algorithms are designed to achieve higher SEO ranking so that website can stay on the top of the search engine results. 

No matter whether you are targeting customers in the local area or planning to reach the audience at another end of the world; SEO plays an essential role to establish reputation online. And backlinks are an integral element of SEO strategies; however, beginners in the business industry are always worried about how to get more backlinks.

If this is the case with you also, we advise you to go through the detailed guide below. Here we are going to discuss in-depth details about backlinks in SEO. 

What is Backlink? 

Backlinks are a specific type of links that create path from one website to another website. Backlinks are responsible for maintaining solid website performance online and ensure higher ranking on search engine results. That is why experts recommend working hard on development of higher number of backlinks to build reputation online. 

Note that, search engines calculate website rankings on the basis of several factors and the amazing news is that these algorithms give considerable weight to backlinks. However, in order to meet desired rank online; business owners need to work on development of natural backlinks. It clearly means that websites should not use artificial methods to create crawling paths between websites; rather, they need to focus on quality instead of quantity. 

Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are important for all small and large-scale businesses. But they should not be linked to poor quality websites. The fact is that backlinks from reputed websites bring real value to your business. Moreover, backlinks must create a relevant connection between both websites. It clearly means that when you are talking about birds; there is no point in creating a link to some other niche platform that talks only about fishes. Such links are of no use. The prime target is to get backlinks to form more relevant and authoritative websites.  

Below we have listed a few points describing importance of backlink in SEO:

  • Backlinks are responsible for providing organic ranking to your website. When your content is being referred on other websites, it will naturally help you build reputation and authority online. Hence, business professionals need to become proactive for building backlinks to lead their brand ahead of the competitors. 
  • Backlinks help audiences to crawl to your website with ease. The search engine bots often find it difficult to locate websites that do not have any backlink. It is well-proven that backlinks ensure better indexing and faster discovery of your website online. 
  • Another important benefit of backlinks is their ability to divert more referral-based traffic to your website. Those random visitors can be soon converted into potential customers while building a strong reputation online. 

Types of Backlinks:

Backlinking is important for every business by all means. The content marketers, webmasters, and SEO experts realize the actual value of backlinks for ensuring growth online. If you want to take your business to the next level, then start getting different types of backlinks. Below we have highlighted a few details about the types of backlinks to ease your brand promotion strategies.

Tier 1 Backlinks

There are few specific qualities of crawling paths online that prove them good backlinks online. The fact is that these backlinks are originated on a natural basis from some authoritative and relevant websites. The process is also known as organic link building, and it generates genuine traffic on website platform. With these links, you can ensure higher credibility online. Some of the most popular types of tier 1 backlinks are editorial backlinks, relationship-based backlinks, guest blogging, and niche directories. 

Tier 2 Backlinks

Tier 2 backlinks are those backlinks that you need to avoid online. The fact is that they do not provide value to your business online; rather, they may harm the organic ranking online. Google algorithm will naturally devalue them with time. Even if you create loads of backlinks; if they belong to tier 2, it is a total wastage of time. Some of the most common tier 2 backlinks include guest posting at scale, footer, header and sidebar links.

Tier 3 Backlinks

Here comes the worst type of backlinks that may even penalize your website on search engine result pages. One of the most common examples of tier 3 backlinks includes paid links, comment spam, general directories, and backlinks from few irrelevant websites. 

In short, all growing business professionals need to work hard towards the development of tier 1 backlinks. And at the same time, it is important to analyze quality and impact of your backlinks in the market online. 

Backlink Example


Here comes an important example of backlinks for websites. It will help you understand the concept with ease:

Let us consider a case when website A receives a backlink from website B; where the first one is a growing restaurant, and the second one is a reputed food review blog. It leads to more natural, valuable and relevant appeal for website A online. 

Some marketing professionals online keep on using the wrong techniques for generating backlinks online. But instead of building reputation, they end up getting penalized online. Hence, it is important to stay away from a few bad practices such as link exchange networks, purchasing backlinks and selling backlinks online. It may hamper the reputation of business online, and you may lose trust of customers in the target market. 

Tips to Get More Backlinks


Beginners always interested in getting higher number of backlinks online. After all, backlink building a widely accepted technique to grow in the competitive market. But this practice is not that easier. Every user needs to follow few trusted techniques to build reputation online. Below we have listed few potential methods to help you get more backlinks for your website:

Write Valuable Content

When you are interested in getting more backlinks online, the prime idea is to start writing some valuable content. Your articles or blog updates must be more relevant to audience interests, and they must provide a reason to crawl back to your platform.

The best articles provide some solution to a problem online. Make sure your content is more useful for the readers and provides answers to their queries and doubts. Also, the articles must be easier to read and understand. Prefer to go ahead with some simple and short sentences that deliver desired meaning without demanding more effort from readers. Make sure the article doesn’t appear chunky or overloaded with unnecessary images, videos or headlines. It should look normal and effective.

Start Blogging as a Guest

Guest blogging is an important strategy for building a solid reputation online. When you write for others, the blog owners usually allow one-two backlinks to your platform. With this, you can avail more value online. Prefer to find some high ranked blogging websites and start writing quality content for them. Make sure you choose relevant topics and make use of potential keywords as well.

Replicate Backlinks

Probably, your competitors are more active in generating backlinks online, and they are obtaining higher ranking in the market. Now, in case if you are lagging behind in this task, it is also possible to replicate the backlinks. You can use some tools online to check the performance of your website in the market. Make sure you bring your website closure to the top-ranked competitor and soon you will be able to receive more traffic online.

Broken Backlink Building

Here is another common practice for backlinking. Some marketing experts spend time to repair links that are not working anymore. There are so many versions of broken link building, but it is important to understand that not all broken backlinks can create desired results online. Few of them may even cause the poor experience to the users online.                                                                                                                            

Backlinks from Web Directories

Here is another potential way to get more backlinks for your business. The idea is to submit some valuable content to the web directories, and they will allow you to create few backlinks to your platform. The idea is to choose some valuable target websites and upload interesting content online. Such backlinks can provide great value to your business online. 

Free Backlink Checker Tools


No matter what kind of business you are running online, it is important to make efforts to build a reputation online. Backlinks can help you better in this regard. Prefer to follow expert ideas and strategies to help customers crawl to your website on the world wide web. Backlinks create a memorable journey for the growing business while offering more ways to capture audience’s attention online. 

Choose the most trusted techniques to get started with backlinks, and it will bring more returns to your business. 

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