9 Powerful Tips for Instagram Marketing to Grow Your Brand

Do you know about Instagram marketing? Do you know effective tips for Instagram marketing to grow your business?

It’s an age of technology, where millions of people are connected through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course, Instagram. Gone are the days when these platforms were only used as life sharing applications.

Today Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platform of over 800 million users, uses for brand building and business marketing. Millions of people use Instagram daily, some for photo sharing, while others for market their businesses. For whatever purpose it is used, Instagram is now a vital part of our lives, most importantly, for online businesses.

Nowadays, social media marketing is necessary to grow your business online and also to reach a huge customer base. However, Instagram can help small businesses like you to market your services, offerings, and grow business and interact with customers.

So are you new to social media marketing? Do you want to learn more about Instagram marketing?

If yes, then continue reading this article because we will share the best tips for Instagram marketing.

9 Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Business

We have carefully piled up a list of top Instagram marketing tips that can help your business to grow. Here are the best and effective 9 Instagram marketing tips for you to follow.

Build A Killer Business Profile

Do you want to stand out among other competitors?

For that, you need to build a killer business profile.


Here killer business profile is meant to create a great influencing presence on Instagram. It’s important for all size businesses, especially for small brands who have just initiated.

You need to convey a clear message of what your brand is to your new followers. Undoubtedly, your bio is your silo pitch. Always try to add essential information about your services. You can use business-related targeted keywords and post informative content for the audience.

Additionally, you can add link of a landing page to your bio as it helps to boost conversions and promote e-commerce business, etc. You can also add hashtags (#) or profile usernames (@) to your bio and they will become clickable.

Fill Out Your Bio


Filling out your bio is crucial; the users who are visiting your profile don’t know anything about your business. So you need to fill it out with your contact information. In 150 characters, convey what your business is all about, add an official email address, phone number, and location address, and notably your website link.

These things work as call-to-action buttons and promote open communication between you and your leads.

Use Quality Picture


Instagram was originally built for photo sharing, but nowadays, it’s used to reach customers. Upload high-quality pictures of your products without Photoshop and overlays. You can engage with the audience by adding relevant hashtags and appealing titles to help users find your content.

You can periodically post images where you can mention the original price, key points, and provide a link to your products for purchasing. It’s the best way to know what your users think of your products. Also, it helps people to visually experience product and influences their buying decision.

Tell A Story


After the popularity of Snapchat, Instagram stories emerged in 2016, and currently, millions of user put stories regularly. Instagram allows you to upload multiple pictures and videos in a story, which disappears after 24 hours.

As these stories are temporary, maybe some businesses consider this feature useless; but it’s not! Instagram stories are the best for Instagram marketing. These pop up to Instagram’s feed and can easily be visible and clickable by users. So you use stories to give potential customers a clear idea of new products, sales, and offers.

Create Awesome Videos


Apparently, Instagram is a visual medium for sharing photos and videos. But did you know creating and uploading an awesome video can attract 3 times more inbound links than your written posts?

Yes, it’s true! You need traffic for your posts, you want to increase number of followers, and also want to grow Instagram presence, for that, videos work well. Instagram also offer video-editing features to make your videos attractive and shareable.

You can create various types of videos, in which you can answer various customers’ queries, and also tell about various features of a product. Keep it in mind, your videos need to be attractive, captivating, and informative.

Partner With Influencers


Partnering with influencers can help you engage users for your business. Before collaborating with influencers, you need to decide on how you want to expose brand (it could be in any form, a product review, special offer or some tips). You can choose influencers that are similar to your business niche and have a good connection with their followers.

Remember for doing so, you may need a budget, and if you cannot afford sponsor ad, then maybe you can offer influencer to try your product free.

Create Sponsored Ads


No doubt, social media advertising is crucial as Instagram has over a billion users, which is, of course, an excellent reason to consider advertising on it. You can create sponsored ads by setting a targeted audience.

The advantage of creating sponsored ads is it can be visible to those people who don’t follow you and probably they’ll show interest in your message; in case if find it interesting. The best practice to do so, is to post product posts with a simple but effective call-to-action.

To increase sales, you can also add limited-time offers to your ads. Good news is advertising on Instagram doesn’t cost you more as compared to other platforms. Make use of paid advertisement option and reach potential customers.

Track The Right Metrics


You need to track the results of your efforts. To be a successful business on Instagram, you need to track the right metrics like follower growth, top posts, number of clicks, etc.

Based on measurable results, you can figure out where your business is standing right now and what things are not working properly. Based on assumptions, you can polish your efforts and adopt new methods.

However, there are a lot of tools that can help you measure statistics and analytics on Instagram.

Use Free Instagram Tools


Are you looking ace up your Instagram game?

No doubt, standing out on the most visual social media shouldn’t cost you high. That’s why you need to use the brain and get the advantage of free available tools.

Those who use business profiles can access analytics and connect option. Yes, you can contact your Instagram profile with Facebook account, and better analyze how to engage the audience with content.

Instagram Marketing Tools


Iconosquare is a powerful tool to track and monitor your competitors’ performances. This tool allows you to schedule content and monitor your performance. Most useful feature of this tool is monitoring hashtags, so that you can monitor what people are saying about your brand.


SocialCaptain is an artificial intelligence tool to get real likes, comments and followers with targeted marketing.

Login to your SocialCaptain account, choose a username, hashtags, and locations to target. SocialCaptain analyze your Instagram account based on selected target. After sometime, you will see new followers, likes, and comments. SocialCaptain sent custom message on behalf of you.


Sendible schedule your post across various social media platforms. This tool provides you all-in-one dashboard to see results.

If you run a marketing firm or work with other teams, Sendible will make your job easy.


Magisto is a best tool for video marketing on Instagram. This artificial intelligence powered tool automatically create high quality video from your content.

According to Magisto, their service is “visual storytelling as fast as writing a blog post”. Instagram video marketer must try this tool.


Have2Havelt increase your eCommerce revenue by recreating the look and feel of your Instagram feed.

Your follower can brows products on Instagram feed. If they click on product then the link your eCommerce website will shown to complete purchase.


Boomerang is created by Instagram that compiles a burst of 10 snapshots into a short video. This fun app is perfect for creative makers.


Buffer is the best tool for managing social media accounts. This tools allows you to schedule posts and analyze performance for multiple social media accounts.

Top companies like Seattle Times, Campaign Monitor, Business Insider, Fortune Magazine, and even the Denver Broncos using Buffer to manage their social media accounts.


One thing is for sure Instagram is ever-growing, and it’s never over. You can create an Instagram profile for your business and will never stop and evolving there.

By utilizing 9 helpful tips for Instagram marketing, you can maximize profit and get success on Instagram. It may seem tricky, but with practice, you gain command over it. I hope this article helps learn what Instagram marketing is and how you can boost your sales with effective marketing strategies.

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