SiteGround Review: 99.99% Uptime & High Speed WordPress Hosting in India

Which hosting is best for WordPress? How much does SiteGround cost? Which SiteGround plan is best for you? Find all details in this SiteGround Review 2020.

The online business in India is rapidly growing and expected to beat the USA by 2034. According to IBEF, 175 million people in India will shop online by 2020. Also, the Indian online business will reach 200 billion USD by 2027 from 38 billion USD in 2017. Hence, online presence and digital marketing have become essential for reaching their target audience.

Thanks to WordPress. Dreaming online presence by having a website in India is not a big challenge nowadays. Businesses can develop the site quickly and attract more consumers through content marketing. However, to run a site, hosting plays a significant role, and this is where SiteGround India appears. It is one of the best and a secure portal to host your website and implement various digital marketing strategies. Read our SiteGround review in detail, and find whether SiteGround best fit your requirements or not.

About SiteGround

SiteGround has been in the market for over ten years and serves over a whopping 800,000+ domains with full-proof security and protection guarantee. WordPress recommends SiteGround for an ample number of reasons, which makes browsing faster and efficient. 


SiteGround is a Bulgarian-based hosting company with over 400 employees, comes with global data centers and offices for controlling almost every next servers across the world. With different types of hosting services, including shared, cloud, WordPress, and dedicated, there is a lot to choose from. Let’s do SiteGround review in detail.

SiteGround Review

Undoubtedly, when WordPress issues a word of truce, there is always a great chance to contemplate carefully over SiteGround review. With over half a million pages globally trust the product, here is what you can afford to consider from SiteGround.

  • Comprehensive Online Tools: WordPress is one of the many CMS and blog sites that have tools for ease of changing or modifying the contents. With SiteGround at the helm, essential in-blog tools such as the automatic updates are available for the taking.
  • Latest PHP Version Adaptation: Unlike many of its competitors, SiteGround works with the latest cutting-edge variant of PHP. It ensures the hosting runs properly. Also, SiteGround chooses powerful hardware that backs up the software set up correctly and serves the seamless transfer of data.
  • Variable Hosting Options: The idea behind variable hosting tells the number of packages, set by the company allowing you to make a pick for as low as 3.95 USD per month to 11.95 USD per month. Although, all these are secure and arrive with top quality, the ones with higher package suites business requiring more webspace.
  • Crafted Design for WooCommerce Hosting: Get the best e-commerce experience in your WordPress site with WooCommerce with SiteGround. It does a remarkable job of hosting with additional features. 

This backs with premium e-commerce features and an exceptional support system to streamline hassle-free management overall. With advanced protection and theme support, this is one combination to kick your online shopping setup.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting India Pros & Cons:

Pros of SiteGround

SiteGround has secured a remarkable status of leading the charge, backed with quite several vantage points that make it successful. Thousands of hosting companies offer services in India, while SiteGround has stood up for its impeccable presence and efficient services. Let us look closer to the SiteGround review in different aspects.


This is a nitty-gritty part of any new website. With 99.99% uptime, the company assures your business will always online and accessible.  

High Speed

Speed is a critical and a deciding factor for the fate of many websites today. When a person types your website URL in the browser, the request is sent to the host, and the server loads the requested page. Here server is responsible for loading the requested page quickly. 

SiteGround has an impressive time to the first byte, which is the fastest time taken by a server to send the first byte. Also, with SuperCacher technology, the cache layer is prominent to make the page load faster. 

Free SSL

SSL encryption is an online certification that helps in safeguarding files and data from going to the wrong hands. Since Google is particular about user security, HTTPS is the medium recommended to run the site and for any shared hosting site. 

SiteGround offers 128-bit SSL encryption protection free of cost from a reputed issuer called LetsEncrypt. The company installs SSL by default, and the settings can be enabled manually by the user.

Free Cloudflare CDN

Much like free SSL, SiteGround offers Cloudflare CDN (content delivery network) in all the shared servers. It helps in enhancing the speed by caching the static content of the site with over 100+ of global servers. 

More so, this helps in faster loading of the site and promotes a better rank in Google Ranking Algorithm as well. Apart from this, Cloudflare CDN is useful in filtering out bot crawling, malicious attacks, and wrath from spammers.

Transparent Pricing

SiteGround has one of the best price offerings by any hosting service providers in the industry right now. On average, a person can save over 60% over the regular price in the first term. Once this gets exhausted, regular renewal rates will be applicable as per the rules. 

You can settle the payments on a monthly and yearly basis, where the discount rates apply accordingly. The monthly and annual payment option is applicable for all plans, and the maximum retention time is three years.

Free Website Migration

One of the biggest challenges you might face is while moving your site from an existing host to a new host. With SiteGround, you minimize the challenge and the risks associated with the migration. Since this holds a risky prospect and a mistake can cost a significant drop in site ranking dearly. 

Thanks to efficient officials and engineers, the process is easy, and it barely clicks away from making a move. While SiteGround review, we found that the company complete the transfer the website flawlessly within 24 hours of initiating a request.

24×7 Customer Support

Customer Care support functions flawlessly in SiteGround. The site has an excellent service team with a large number of employees waiting to resolve all sorts of complicated issues quickly. 

The site offers around the clock telephonic assistance cell, ensuring to resolve the problem without any delay. Backing all these, other means to approach SiteGround includes live support and ticket-based query resolving. 

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Most of the reputed hosting service provider offer the money-back guarantee. With this, SiteGround ensures you can test their products and have the option to pull the trigger to get a complete refund. 

However, there are specific rules and regulations taking part in the process, which is to be looked up by the user for ease in understanding.

Cons of SiteGround

High Renewal Rate

One of the most significant downs of SiteGround hosting service is the renewal fees. What might look just 3.95 USD at the beginning of the term could well end up at 11.95 USD while renewing the plan. In this case, it is best to avail the most extended span of 3 years in a plan, which will ensure reasonable savings with minimum renewal. 

Setup Fee for Monthly Billing

Setup Fee for Monthly Billing is one more down from the users’ perspective. It is particularly unconvincing for people opting to pay the billing cycle every month over yearly. Irrespective of the package, the minimum setup fee charged by SiteGround plans is a whopping 14.95 USD. 

Based on your plan, the rates tend to increase. The structure, in other sense, pushes people to subscribe for yearly plans, which by the way, is sure to be a win-win situation for both parties. With the 30-day return policy terms at helm, the annual plan is sure to make things cheaper.

No Free Domain Name

Unfortunately, though, SiteGround does not back up with a free domain availability. Although various other companies adopt this technique, SiteGround, with its higher rental amounts, does not serve one. Some sites offer free domains for a stipulated period for higher hosting packages. 

SiteGround Plans & Pricing

SiteGround is often known to charge a little more than many of its closest rivals in the segment. However, the company offers quality in terms of platforms served. With over three packages in the regular segments, SiteGround pricing is among the competitive packages. It serves different hosting means, including reseller, dedicated server, and cloud level hosting. 

These packages are for websites with varying levels of usability constraints. With this said, for a regular blogger or small business, shared hosting is sufficient enough for catering to the purpose. Before we dig in further, here are the common properties offered by all the shared hosting operatives,

  • Free website transfer assistance 
  • Free SSL and CDN support
  • WP-CL enabling support
  • Backup assurance for free website is offered

With these offers at the helm, let us look at the basic packages offered,


This package starts for 3.95 USD, and after renewal, this becomes 11.95 USD for the taking. StartUp plan supports visitors up to 10,000 hits per month and can only work for one single website. The maximum capacity of 10 Gb is for the taking.


GrowBig plan lets you host unlimited websites. This cost 5.95 USD/month and 19.95 for regular post renewal. The maximum space offered for storage capacity is 20 GB. Finally, if you consider your site hitting over 25,000 hits monthly, this is the apt package for your business or a blog site.


The final package of the lot, arrives for a maximum of 11.95/ month and a regular renewal pricing of 34.95 USD/month. The GoGeek plan ensures serving multiple websites with a massive 30 GB worth webspace. 

This is suited for those blogs that hit 100,00 visits a month. With the size offered, this is suited for businesses such as an e-commerce business page for good.

Alternatives to SiteGround in India

Hosting sites today have found innovative ways to put the competitive edge against each other to a level, where people have a lot to choose. It does not isolate SiteGround from its superiority but opens up a brilliant prospect for people vying to try alternative brands. Hence, here are some of the top hosting alternatives that ensure SiteGround has a run-for-its-money in different parameters,

  • Bluehost: Bluehost is an essential face in the segment and holds a similar level of reputation as well as that of SiteGround by WordPress. It has a reasonable pricing scheme, which makes it a lot affordable to host pages over time. However, if you consider the overall site performance and speed aspect, SiteGround is way ahead of the league in all senses.
  • HostGator: This is where SiteGround’s ability is matched toe to toe in almost every segment. HostGator is an international hosting agency offering the server at the most reasonable prices today. With its core hosting features, this shoots way ahead of SiteGround in the segment. However, SiteGround stands tall with ultra-level performance and sublime customer support services.

Final Thoughts

We hope our SiteGround review has make you easy to choose your hosting solution provider. SiteGround WordPress hosting is among the reputed operators offering solutions in the fast-paced world of internet technology. As for a WordPress user, SiteGround is a recommended brand that offers a comprehensive quality hosting solution for a small high-pricing scale.

So much so, SiteGround today has nearly a million-customer base with different site-packages and services. SiteGround is your best hosting solutions provider because of the great customer support, speed, and their uptime servers.

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