SEMrush Review 2020: The All-in-One SEO Tool

Looking for an unbiased SEMrush review? Are you new into the business industry? Probably you are making hard efforts to prove the edge against your competitors. But the most challenging task in this scenario is to know what strategies they are using to build such a solid reputation in the market.

Experts say that you should know the potential keywords that they are using to capture audience attention. At the same time, you should look for the perfect building opportunities that can put your brand ahead of them. Well, to achieve this goal, you need the complete package of SEMrush. It comes with a few special tools that can help you spy your competitors. When those powerful tools are used effectively, they can give you a platform to drive more traffic to your website. 

In order to know more about SEMrush and its ability to boost your credibility, go through the detailed review below. It will help you make efficient decisions about your marketing strategy.

SEMrush Review: What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is better defined as an “All-in-one” analysis tool to track competitor success. It was developed by some experienced SEM and SEO professionals. The analytics generated by SEMrush can help new age business owners to build the right strategy for growth. This versatile and powerful tool can help you collect the right information from the market. 

SEMrush Review 2020

It can save much of your time and money to find perfect opportunities for marketing. With this analytics tool, you can find potential keywords that can build your impression online. You can also find in-depth statistics about specific keywords that rank high on your target search engines. In short, SEMrush is the best solution for all serious internet marketers, business professionals and bloggers.

There are so many amazing reasons to use SEMrush for your business; few of them are listed below.

  • It can help you build a community of loyal customers. 
  • Builds authority of your niche. 
  • Helps to engage an audience with the most relevant content.
  • Get more feedback from the market.
  • Generates high-quality content ideas for your SEO needs. 
  • Adds more value to your business by helping you step ahead of competitors.
  • Performs effective backlink analysis.
  • Export all data in the form of PDFs for further analysis. 
  • Analyse competitor’s websites to understand the secret behind their organic ranking.
  • Easy to use for beginners and effective enough for experienced marketers. 

8 Best SEMrush Features

SEMrush is a complete toolbox for marketing professionals. It covers all necessities including PPC, SEO, PR and Marketing. Its advanced features can help you to boost your credibility in the competitive market. At one side it provides you analytics about how your site is performing SEO-wise. On the other side, it saves your time by tracking competitor’s strategies to identify the best opportunities. 

There are so many incredible features of this tool that can help you improve your market behaviour. Below we have listed a few of them to expand your reach:

1. Organic Research 

Organic Research ability make SEMrush stand on the top among many such tools in the market. Login to the SEMrush platform and search for your competitor’s website. It will immediately bring loads of valuable data. The most important information it delivers is the total number of keywords for which website rank higher.  It can help you understand which keywords are most effective to stay on the top. Other than this, it can also provide details about how much traffic your competitor avail from specific search engines. 

2. Advertising Research

SEMrush can also provide updates about the display ads preferred by your competitors. Once you activate the beta package, you can also avail information about potential landing pages. In case if you make use of product listing ads to promote your business, SEMrush can help to use them well. You can also learn ways to generate more traffic with paid ads. Also, collect details about current ads of your competitors that are bidding best. 

3. Keyword Research

It is the most reliable tool to initiate keyword research process. With SEMrush, you can avail instant updates about the key terms that can help you rank higher. At the same time, you will be able to know which keyword can bring you the highest traffic. One can also get updates about potential keywords used by competitors to stay on the top. So that you can grab the opportunity to stay ahead with SEMrush for keyword research.   

4. Keyword Difficulty Tool

There is no doubt to say that keyword competition usually gets tough in the market. In order to utilize them well, you need to consider user intent, content quality, and on-page SEO. Other than this, it demands attention for page authority and domain authority. SEMrush keyword difficulty tool can help you rank high in the market. It provides difficulty percentage between 0 to 100%. It also allows comparison of potential keywords to ensure efficient targeting. 

5. Position Tracking

SEMrush also comes with a built-in feature tracking tool that works the same as most rank trackers online. It provides you with the list of all keywords and domains along with a daily update about your rank. Marketing professionals find this feature super-reliable to boost their ranking online. The position on the second page of search engine results is the same as getting buried on the 100th page. Hence, it is better to track your position and make efforts to uplift it. 

6. Site Audit Tool

SEMrush also has the potential to help you with SEO site audits. Specifically, the serious errors that leave a considerable impact on your technical SEO. With this tool, you can also compare crawls that reveal technical SEO health of your business online. Moreover, the audits run automatically so there is no need to mark the dates to run it manually. You can find the reports on your dashboard right when you log in to SEMrush site audit tool

7. Link Building

The link building feature of these analytics tools is pretty amazing. It can help you analyse the link profile of a website. You can also get updates about how your competitors are using dofollow, nofollow links with anchor text usage. The most amazing thing about SEMrush is that it can help you find sites that are ranking for your target keywords. With this, you can reach out to the right platform to capture audience attention. 

8. On-Page SEO Checker

It can analyse your content for on-page SEO stuff as well; including H1 tags and title tags. At the same time, it will provide you with insights about some semantically related terms that must be added to the content. Also, you will know about sites from where you should get backlinks. This kind of stuff is valuable to boost your ranking online. 

These amazing features can help you obtain a higher ranking on the internet. Once you are able to beat the competitive forces around, it is possible to avail more traffic with ease. This tool is your best companion to take the best advantage of all opportunities online. 

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush Review

In order to avail complete benefits from the huge potential of SEMrush, you should buy the most valuable package. There are four different plans that you can think of using: Pro plan, Guru plan, Business plan and an Enterprise plan. The Pro account is considered as the most effective solution for marketing enthusiasts. However, the beginners can even get started with the free version. 

The agencies can make the best out of Guru plan as it provides detailed PDF reports for site analysis. The Pro plan is currently available with the pricing of $99.95 per month; whereas Guru plan can be accessed by paying $199.95 per month. The Business plan is accessible at $399.95 with few additional features. The Enterprise plan may appear expensive, but it offers amazing results for your higher ranking. Beginners can access 14 days of SEMrush free trial to know about the basic performance of this tool. 

SEMrush Free Alternatives

SEMrush Review

When you are looking for the best SEO and Marketing Analytics, SEMrush is the top-rated solution for everyone. But many users may find this comprehensive tool little expensive. Moreover, some of you may not require such a huge range of features. Probably, a few essential ones will work to achieve the desired results. All such enthusiasts can check SEMrush free alternatives in the market. Below we have listed three such tools to help you avail best results without even spending a penny. However, these free tools have their individual pros and cons that are listed below:

1. Ubersuggest (for Keyword Research & Site Audit)

Here is one of the most important free tools that was designed by Neil Patel to serve growing digital marketing professionals. It is rated high for its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities. 

There is no need to create an account to use Ubersuggest. As soon as you reach on this platform and enter your keyword, it provides instant details about competitors. It takes a few seconds to create an overview of essential marketing analysis metrics. The list includes average CPC, SEO difficulty, and monthly search volume. With this information, you can rush your SEO campaigns better. 


  • Same as a paid tool, Ubersuggest also promises the most accurate details about metrics. 
  • The recently added “Content Ideas” feature can help you know about the best topics to capture audience attention.
  • You can also avail insights about a possible number of backlinks that can be generated through potential content. 


  • Provide limited keyword suggestions. 

2. Screaming Frog (for Website Crawling)

The first thing you need to know is that Screaming Frog is not a cloud-based solution. Rather, it can be installed on the PC. This tool works perfectly with Ubuntu, macOS, and Windows platform as well. This tool is designed for website crawling needs. It can provide you with valuable updates for site migrations. 

The prime task of Screaming Frog is to identify problems such as broken links on your website. It can also provide highlights when H1 tag mismatches with the title tag. Other than this, you can avail reliable services for on-site SEO as well.  


  • Simple and highly interactive user-interface.
  • Integrates to Google search console and Google analytics.
  • Quick crawling of the websites.
  • An inexpensive tool that allows easy export of data. 


  • Free account offers very few features. 
  • User interface works like an Excel spreadsheet.

3. (for Keyword Research)

This free tool provides great services for keyword research so that you can rank higher in the SEO world. It provides instant updates about performance metrics, link management, keyword research tools, content management, competitor analysis and problem area alerts. 

You can also avail updates regarding CPC, trends, search volumes and many more.  Professionals will also get better ideas about some of the best keywords that can help their website to rank higher. 


  • It works like an engine that can dig up to find the best keyphrases relevant to your business. 
  • Use SEO to build potential businesses online.
  • Unique and user-friendly interface. 


  • Cannot provide in-depth details about trends, CPS and competition. 
  • The free trial is limited to only 30 days.


Above SEMrush review break down each of SEMrush’s many tools in detail to show you what kind of data and facts are available for you to analyze, not only on your own website but your competitor’s as well.

Beginners often face trouble to perform market analysis, and this is the main reason why they fail to beat the competition. If you are also running a business online or are a marketing enthusiast, SEMrush is the best tool for you. It can generate in-depth reports about the performance of your business online. At the same time, you can avail valuable insights about your customers to achieve a higher rank.

The consistent brand monitoring, position tracking and keyword analysis abilities make it the best solution for awesome user experiences. You can start with the free trial to explore its basic features and then move to the paid version. Depending upon your needs, it can help you create a positive image in the competitive business world. At the same time, it promises solid market analysis to ensure progress with each passing day.

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