Unroll.me Reviews – Is Unroll.me Safe? 3 Better Alternatives

Is Unroll.me safe? 3 better alternative to Unroll.me that are safe to use.

In this swiftly changing technological pace of the world, identifying and separating the genuine and legitimate services from scams have become increasingly excruciating. Unroll.me is one such application which has indeed transformed our virtual life into a convincing one, but its security is still in question.

The primary function of Unroll.me, as the denomination suggests, is to unsubscribe the user from innumerable unwanted newsletters. But, in reality, this recourse hampers the privacy of the user by compromising the information shared through the emails to third parties. 

Is Unroll.me Safe?

Unroll.me essentially scans all the data in the emails and sells it to organizations like Uber who in turn capitalize on these shreds of information to bear profit. This might come as a shock to most of our readers and the first instinct is to stall the use of Unroll.me.

Now that we have mentioned the name of a stalwart like Uber, most of you would be intrigued to dive deep into the matter and peel off every layer to expose the plagued core. 

It hasn’t been long since Uber came under the limelight and for all the wrong reasons. Uber was accused of fingerprinting the iPhones against Apple’s terms because of which the company was threatened to be eliminated from the market altogether. 

However, from all the information collected and analyzed, it was found that Unroll.me was one of Uber’s leading customers selling data collected from their customers.

Answer to the question “Is Unroll.me safe to use?” is No, it not safe to use. The latent powers of a research marketing company like Unroll.me is nothing but shocking and utterly unsafe for its users. Thereby, to ensure strapping safety during your online activities, it is time to discontinue with Unroll.me’s services. 

Unroll.me Review : Legal Issues

Coming to the legal liabilities that Unroll.me is subjected to, all these activities that appear unethical to the users are completely legal. The fact backing up this claim is that before using its services, we agree to “share” all our information for the app to function seamlessly. Nonetheless, what the company does with this information is off limits of customer intervention and hence legally sold to third parties. 

How to Delete Your Unroll.me Account? 

Keeping aside all the right reasons that have led to the defamation of Unroll.me, let us focus on the ways in which one can sign out of it. 

  • Go to Unroll.me and first log in to your account. Now click on settings and where you would locate the “Delete my account” option.
  • After having completed this step, to further ensure that Unroll.me can no longer access your Gmail account, visit the myaccount.google.com and click on the “Connected Apps and Sites” links which will display a catalog of applications and sites that have access to your account. If you can spot Unroll.me, disable it.

Now that you have successfully removed Unroll.me, you would need to replace it with an altern that would carry out the same role as this app but with sturdy security conditions. In the following segment, we will be jotting down 3 such applications that are convenient, comes with an easy user interface and efficient. 

Unroll.me Alternative 2019

1. Gmail Unsubscribe 

The Gmail Unsubscribe works as a plug-in option and differ with a set of additional roles from the default unsubscribe feature. On its successful installation, the app will start scanning all the newsletters received in your inbox and search for materials that can be classified under newsletters. After having conducted this analysis, Gmail Unsubscribe will remove all the unwanted subscriptions and keep a tab of it in Google Sheet in form of a report. 

This sheet is composed of various columns of information dedicated to the distinct stages of the process. This includes pointers like whether or not the unsubscription was successful, the link used to unsubscribe and the current status of your email. 

2. Trove 

Trove is the the research management product of two applications namely Gmail and LinkedIn. Apart from endowing you with the opportunity to set priorities in your contact list. It is accompanied by a string of bonus features related to fruitful connection building and networking. This feature helps the user to create a filter and keep all the useful information intact while eliminating the ones which does nothing more than taking up space in your inbox. 

When Trove performs the scan through your connections, you will be able to assess the sources that are just sending you irrelevant information in the disguise of “important message”. Apart from the genial connection building platform and useful methods of unsubscription, Trove comes with powerful privacy policies. But, that is not all; all these services are allowed to the user by Trove for free. 

3. Cleanfox 

The third and the final solution for all your unsubscription issues, Cleanfox is an easy and comfortable way of disposing the additional newsletters in your inbox. Cleanfox can be implemented over several email sites including Gmail, Microsoft email services and several other hosts that allow this feature. This benefits the users in several ways; firstly, one can create a single account and use it over various platforms. Secondly, the associated confusion regarding account management is eliminated. 

Additionally, the app is available in both android play store and Apple app store. Therefore, if you are someone who mostly accesses all your email accounts from your phone, Cleanfox is the ideal choice for you. Once permitted to carry out its functions, it will scan your inbox and delineate a clean list of newsletters from their sources. Then you can yourself go through it and identify which of those you would need for future reference and the extra ones.

Lastly, the two most fascinating benefits of Cleanfox are that its mechanism of newsletter deletion and contribution to charity. When you unsubscribe a newsletter, it is placed in your trashbox and you will have 30 days to revise it and if necessary bring it back to your inbox.

When we claim that Cleanfox is concerned about charitable funds we mean it because every time they have a new user of their services, a tree is planted in Africa. They are the active supporters of WeForest movement and justifiably take pride in planting process at Zambia.

Most of the people ask me “Is Unroll.me is Safe?”, the answer is No. Use above 3 alternative that are safe to use.

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