How To Create Digital Marketing Strategy: A Step By Step Guide

Nine steps you must take for a winning digital marketing strategy.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to any type of marketing for products and services which uses electronic devices. This is the most important tool to reach targeted audience in an effective way. Digital marketing successfully promotes your business online and engage your customers.

Types of Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Video Marketing

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

What is digital marketing and what’s the strategy behind it? A digital marketing strategy is a must for your business to excel. Digital marketing uses platforms like social media, email and web applications. It also uses search engines, mobile applications and websites. Through digital channels, digital marketing advertises your business. 

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy?

An understanding of digital marketing is imperative. To help you, we have provided a step by step digital marketing framework. Through the use of this guide, you are on your way to a winning digital marketing strategy. Follow these nine steps to ensure your plan is set. 

Digital Marketing Framework


1. Understand Digital Marketing

You just read our description of digital marketing and the strategy for its use, but you still aren’t sure that you get it. Do not spend money and time, until you are fully aware of how it works, best uses and your budget.

If you have the budget it would be wise to hire a marketing professional. For those of you that cannot afford this, turn to local colleges and universities for an intern. The student will be eager to do a great job, as they know it could set them up for future success.

2. Know Your Goals

In order for your efforts to be successful, you must first know what goals you have in mind for your digital marketing strategy. You may be focused on name recognition, or it could be generating actions. Either way, a clear focus on goals produces the result you need.

No matter what stage you are in with your business, an up to date strategy is a must. Without specific goals in mind for each step of your business’ digital marketing plan, your efforts will not make the most of opportunities. 

3. Know Your Customers’ Steps

In the marketing world it is known as a digital marketing or digital sales funnel. To you it means where your customers are in their movement toward becoming a first time or repeat customer. Four key parts of a customer’s movement needs to be determined. First, you must know whether a not your desired customers are aware of your products. If they aren’t aware yet, you may want to use a lead magnet or call to action. A lead magnet offers rewards to people for providing you with their information.

For example, you may want to use a Facebook ad that reads, “Does the return of school day morning madness leave you exhausted? Sign up for an extra morning boost of energy.” Then, you market your coffee shop that just opened with your back to school weekly promotion of 1/2 priced coffee from 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM. Lead magnets help you promote a call to action that you want targets to take.

After you have figured out if your audience is aware of your product, you can count on them to research your company. Be sure that anything customers could search for is easy to find on your website and via social media. After customers research, they will then move into step three, which is purchasing or not. Hopefully they become customers, which leads to the fourth and final part of the funnel, loyalty. Any successful business has loyalty. 

4. Determine Your Audience. Know What Motivates Them

Sometimes referred to as creating buying personas, this step is a must. If your target audience is new moms, you don’t market your customized baby clothing to single college age men. Don’t just stop with general differences like gender.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Narrow it down as specific as possible. Consider another scenario. You have developed a retirement community for the Finance community, and you just made it public. You ideal persona could look something like this:

  • Personal Finance
  • 60 and Older
  • Retired
  • Looking at Real Estate

Your goal is to market as specific as possible your new retirement community. The more narrow your audience the better. It’s not just beneficial with marketing, but for all actions you take relating to your business.

5. Determine Where They Are with Their Steps

Try to figure out where your customers are in relation to needs your company can meet. Look at where they are in the funnel, that you just read about here.

Review analytics, and compare to your persona focus. You may have customers going crazy over your new strawberry cheesecake, and other customers demanding your cheese danishes. Take the time to review who is buying what, how they are buying it, and what are being the best means to communicate with them that leads to action. 

Are they making more online purchases of your blueberry pies after you run Facebook ads, or is after you run banner ads via Google?

6. Act According to Goal Priorities

Don’t just act. Be specific with your actions. 

Lead magnets, calls to action, social media shares and testimonials are all specific guidelines that you can incorporate for a winning digital strategy. You have your audience in mind and your ideal persona created. Now you must get very specific in how you plan to communicate to them.

The more specific you can get; the better your chances are of maximizing the benefits of effort.

7. Automatize, Segment and Personalize.

Your marketing is rolling out. People are aware of your brand and product(s). After people start taking actions or fail to act, take into consideration how to fine tune your efforts.

Your marketing can get even more specific here. Create marketing that can automatically communicate to customers based on buying habits. Segment your population. Personalize marketing relating to where they are in your funnel.

For example, you sold 50 purses last month. You need an automatic communication next month to customers that purchased purses letting them know you also have matching billfolds. Segment out who has and has not purchased purses. One marketing communication will be to customers about billfolds. Another communication will be to target customers yet to make a purchase. Get as personal as possible based on previous buying habits, or specific things you want non-customers to know.

8. Patch It Up

A successful marketing strategy always improves. One great thing about digital efforts is the ability to easily track efforts. Google Analytics and Facebook Metrics, for example, provide real time data. 

Be sure to always be on top of data, so that you can know what works. If it is not working to see where and how you can make improvements. 

9. Don’t Overthink It. 

Keep it simple. Don’t bog yourself down trying to make your strategies work. If they continue not to work, consider the help of a marketing professional.

You do not want to advertise, just to advertise. Always remember what you want to accomplish, how to accomplish it and who you want to reach. Don’t just try something to try it. Stay focused on the initial goals you laid out.

Digital Marketing Strategy PPT

Digital Marketing Strategy PDF

Get free digital marketing strategy PDF, click here.  

9 Successful Digital Marketing Strategy Examples


1. Airbnb

Airbnb was launched at a time when the owner couldn’t even afford the rent. But now the users of their website have crossed 150 million. Their digital marketing strategy entirely based on the user-generated images and videos. These are mostly those images and videos uploaded on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which is a widely used digital marketing campaign example. Airbnb can be categorized as one of the best digital marketing examples.                                    

2. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club launched in the year 2012, it grabbed the attention of audiences through their viral commercial and helped in growing 12000 customers just within 48 hours. This company is one fine digital marketing example. 

3. Domino’s

This is another company who very skilfully incorporated their marketing strategy, and you can take it as yet another successful digital marketing campaign example. As compared to other big brands in the market, this pizza company is the greatest digital marketing example which has become popular among the people. 

4. Tesla

Tesla was established in the year 2003. Their Porter’s model is what has given them a competitive advantage which attracts early adopters. This company is fully aware of the need for penetrating in the market, and for that matter, they know social media marketing is essential. You can categorize them as one of the most excellent company’s digital marketing campaign examples available in the market.  

5. KFC India

KFC is a popular international food chain working in India as well. KFC’s digital marketing campaigns examples are Radio KFC RK Hunt, Designing their bucket, Currycature, and their Wow Menu Option. These marketing campaigns were just designed to grow and develop their brand engagement more in the region of India.

Digital Marketing Strategy Template 

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6 Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Influencer Marketing
  6. Content Marketing
  7. YouTube Marketing
  8. Viral Marketing


By using this step by step guide for digital marketing strategy, you can make the most of the latest technologies to grow your business online. There are all kinds of free and paid advertising that can be done through digital platforms. Take some time to research and educate yourself about the latest technologies and how to use them. 

In order to separate yourself from your competitors, you must utilize digital marketing. Failure to do so only sets you up for future failure. 

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