How Search Engine Works: Beginner’s Guide

Search engine is a powerful tool to find information on web. Here’s complete guide on how search engine works.

We all know that a search engine is basically an answering machine. They help people to understand, discover, and organize the content available on the internet. However, you might be eager to know how this entire mechanism works. Well, it is probably the biggest SEO puzzle, and everyone is interested in getting insights into it. 

This article can help you to learn more about the search engine and its working. Spare a few minutes to go through the details below. 

How Does the Search Engine Works?

Search engines usually have three major functions. They are described as below:

Crawl: Search engine scours the internet to collect the desired content. To find the best matching content, it goes through the content and code of every URL. 

Index: During the crawling process, it keeps on organizing all the relevant data. Whenever a URL or web page is added to the index, it displays the content as a result of the relevant queries. 

Rank: Search engines also ranks different websites high or low depending upon their relevance to the specific query entered by the searcher. It means that the results presented by the search engine are always ranked on the basis of their relevance. 

How Search Engine Works

One of the most common questions people ask is how search engines create the index. Well, the index includes the discovered URLs based on a few key signals. First of all, it analyses the keywords on the page content. The most relevant keyword stuffing receives a higher ranking. 

The type of content is another important parameter, and then the search engine analyzes the freshness of the data. Most recently updated pages are rated on a priority basis. The previous user engagements on the specific pages are also evaluated. If certain pages engage more audiences on a routine basis, they will naturally receive a higher ranking on search engine results as well. 

What Happens When Users Perform A Search Online?

The main aim of the search engine algorithm is to bring the most relevant data to the searchers to answer their queries. Then users can select any desired page from the list to learn more details.

How Search Engine Works

Whenever any query is added to the search engine, the algorithm looks for the pages in the index. When it finds the most relevant content code, the results are presented back on the user screen. Usually, the search results are influenced by four major parameters; they are a device, previous search history, language detected and location.

For instance, when you enter a query asking restaurants around me, it will display results based on your nearby area. Users can also select the specific language to initiate a search in the desired form.

Some search results are also dependent on previous search history. In a few cases, they may be returned depending upon the type of device you use to initiate queries. 

The main goal of the Google search engine is to deliver the most relevant and most useful content to the user. And in order to achieve this target, it keeps on updating its search engine algorithm from time to time. 

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