Top 15 Best Free SEO Tools

Looking for best free SEO tools? Here is the list of top free SEO tools.

When it comes to SEO tools and every other thing it entails, numerous options offer great features. These best tools helped my website to increase traffic by 200%. Most important, these tools are totally free.

Our extended list of free SEO tools is useful for their unique SEO services which have been tried and tested. If you are on a tight budget but still in need for the most useful SEO tools that are available for free, you are in the right place. Without further ado, here are 15 top SEO tools available for free.

15 Best Free SEO Tools to Rank Higher

1. Google PageSpeed Insights


Google PageSpeed Insights is a free SEO tool that is fully optimized to report on the performance of the targeted page. This could be either a mobile or desktop device. It provides insightful suggestions on how your websites can be improved.

Google PageSpeed Insights provides field and lab data on your website. The provided lab data is instrumental in debugging activities concerning performance issues. It is also useful in collecting debug report in a controlled environment.

By running Lighthouse, the performance score is collected and analyzed about your website. If your website score is 90 or above, it is regarded as a fast page. 50 to 90 performance score signifies an average page. Below 50 is considered a slow page.

Field data comes into play in collecting real-world experience. This is collected as a more limited set of scales.

The report summary is a very useful tool exclusively featured on the google page speed insights. It displays your page score, largest areas meant for improvement across all reports. It is optimized to match the results by pages, categories, posts, URLs and custom post types.

Its other amazing features include reporting of snapshots, snapshot comparison, import of custom URLs, etc.

2. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test


As easy as it sounds, you input your website’s URL to know if your page is mobile-friendly. In this period when mobile usage is dominating the entire internet traffic usage, your website must be adaptable and friendly to mobile.

Google’s mobile-friendly test checks to ensure that you fulfill the mobile-friendly criteria. The mobile-friendliness of your website will determine how successful you are online.

This SEO tool is optimized to instantly help you check your website for its adaptability as concerning mobile devices. The best thing about this tool and its offered feature is it free to use.

3. Answer The Public


This is another great SEO tool useful for your website. Answer the public website offers auto-suggest results through search engines like Google and Bing.

These auto-suggest results are useful insights for marketing activities in today’s market. Typing in a particular query provides an aggregated view of the questions including some hint of the attached emotion of people searching that query.

This tool is a simply built visualization of the query being searched for. This one-page online tool is very useful for you in understanding and answering your public even better. This helps you create contents that are useful, inspiring and motivationally tapped-in.

The useful insights offered by this tool is there for anybody and everybody to use. The best part about this tool is that it is absolutely free.

4. Ubersuggest


In a wild thought, imagine if you can reverse engineer your competitors SEO, social media strategy and general content. That will give you some competitive edge, right? Well, you do not have to just have it in your thought only now.

Ubersuggest provides an avenue through which you can get useful insight into the strategies seem to be working for others. This exposes you to those strategies so you can adopt them also. It helps you improve on those strategies, creatively modifying and increasing your edge over your competition.

This tool is also free to use. Hence, this feature is useful for the development of your online presence.

5. Keywords Everywhere

This is a well-known browser ads-on useful for keyword research. This SEO tool can be easily installed on Chrome or Firefox. This tool is useful for showing your website monthly search volumes, relevant keywords and the cost per click on multiple websites. You can copy or export this data to excel, csv or pdf file as well.

This tool shows the average of the keyword searches performed by people concerning a keyword per month spanning the previous 12-month period. It also provides the cost per click paid by advertisers for using a single click for the particular keyword on Google AdWords.

When it comes to the ads competition, Keywords Everywhere provides a gauge of the number of advertisers running ads on Google. This is based on the specified keyword.

Keyword Everywhere SEO tool is developed to save you lots of time. It helps you to discover long-tail phrases together with accurate search volume, competitive data and cost per click. This free SEO tool is also useful in providing insight into related keywords from Google for you with its volume metrics.

6. Google Search Console

Google Search Console tool reports enable you to measure your website’s search traffic and its performance. It also helps you to fix issues while making your website favorably rank in Google search results.

This free tool enables you to see the search queries that bring people to your website. It analyzes your website report like impressions, clicks through and position on Google search. It effectively optimizes your content with useful search analysis.

As a plus, you can also submit your sitemaps and the accompanying individual URLs for crawling activities. This helps you get your content on Google. You can review your index coverage to be sure that Google has the best view of your website.

Google search engine also gives you alerts on issues and fix for your website. You can receive mail alerts immediately Google identifies issues concerning your website. You also get free understanding and useful insight into how Google search sees your page.

Collectively, the Google Search Console helps you monitor and track your AMP pages, mobile usability, and rich results.

7. Ahrefs Backlink Checker


This is one of the most powerful backlink checkers available. After Google, this is the second most active web crawler. Ahrefs backlink checker boast of knowing about 18.61 trillion links. Its backlink index database is updated with new data every 15 minutes.

This particular free backlink checker helps you gain useful insights into domains and page-level metrics that can be used for any target. It is useful for checking any website, URL or subsection for actionable SEO metrics.

Ahref’s backlink checker uses their developed proprietary domain rating (DR) for useful insight necessary for analyzing backlink strength of competitor. It is also useful for monitoring the growth and decline of backlink profiles for referring pages and domain over a period.

Furthermore, this backlink checker provides a complete breakdown of the backlink profile of the competitor. You can see every page that is being linked to your competitor in detailed backlink reports.

There are also useful filters you could employ to provide a deep dive into this backlink reports. This filters for this backlink report is being sorted by language, link type, platform, URL rating, domain rating, etc.

8. SEMrush


SEMrush is an all-in-one useful online visibility and marketing suite. It is SEO optimized for completing workflow involved for any SEO professional. This freemium service includes technical SEO audit and semantic core collection. It also provides position tracking while providing insightful ideas useful for gaining better organic traffic to your website.

Furthermore, it provides competitive intelligence information. This tool is also handy when it comes to problem-solving and backlinks audit including analytics.

9. MozBar

This is another amazing free SEO tool. MozBar is an all-in-one SEO toolbar useful for research on the go. This free tool gives you an instant metric while viewing any page.

The creation of custom searches by engine, country, and the region is also possible. With Mozbar, you can access the page authority and domain authority linked with any website or web page.

Mozbar provides free access and compares link metrics over a wide web page while viewing any SERP. In the same vein, you can find highlight keywords while applying filters on types. It is useful for exposing page elements.

10. Screaming Frog SEO Spider


This is one of the tools useful for making your website SEO audit much easier. The screaming frog SEO spider is useful for reviewing a website and pinpoint flaws that are capable of hurting the performance.

Screaming frog SEO spider is capable of crawling a web link from the perspective of an SEO. It reports back on what a search spider will see when crawling activities of your website are carried out.

The analysis provided using screaming frog SEO spider can be used to audit and review a site from an onsite SEO perspective. This is useful for saving you a lot of work as it eliminates the manual process. You can schedule a website crawl.


  • Find broken links
  • Audit redirects
  • Analyse page titles & meta data
  • Discover duplicate content
  • Generate XML sitemaps
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Visualise site architecture

11. WooRank

WooRank boost your website visibility, traffic and usability. It is one of the top free SEO tools useful in reaching your target. This tool is a simple and easy website analysis tool useful for tracking and connecting your marketing data.

WooRank SEO tool provides in-depth reviews on your website and generates as many reviews as you like in real-time. Through the WooRank website analysis, you can improve your website ranking and online presence through SEO, digital media and others.

With WooRank, you can track and fix your website’s weakness after analysis must have been carried out.

12. Google Analytics

This tool helps you to gain a deeper understanding of how people use your websites. This is important so you can take action in improving your user experience.

Google Analytics provides data about websites such as the number of site visits, traffic sources, and location demographics.

With this data from Google Analytics, digital marketer can make their content strategy figure out what works and what doesn’t.

This tool is useful for analytics intelligence with data to uncover insights into what is being performed. You can then key into this superior modeling capabilities. It also provides machine learning modeling that helps in driving more conversations.

Google Analytics is the best free SEO tool that every digital marketer should use.

13. Google Keyword Planner

With the knowledge that the right keywords can get your advert in front of your targeted customers, using Google Keyword Planner is here to achieve that. This SEO tool helps you in selecting keywords. You can research important keyword to find the right terms.

Using Google Keyword Planner, you discover new keywords relating to your products or rendered services. Google keyword research tool enables you to find relevant keywords and competition for your business.

14. Yoast SEO Plugin


Yoast SEO tool provides you with a set of tools that helps you reach for the number one spot on search results. It is most downloaded WordPress SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO tool provides one of the most advanced XML sitemaps. It provides full control over your website breadcrumbs. With Yoast, you can set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content. You need not worry about Google penalties.

It is very useful for title and meta description template. This is helpful for branding and consistent snippets while using search results.

Furthermore, it provides content and SEO analysis to write friendly SEO texts.

15. Keyworddit

Keyworddit is top free SEO tools because it is actually one of a kind. Why? Well, Keyworddit brings out terms that can be hard to find with some other tools.

What this tool does is that it scrapes Reddit for keywords that people use in different subreddits.

All you have to do is to input the subreddit of choice, and the tool extracts a couple of keywords from the site. Plus, it gives you the search volume for the phrases in the United States.

The Keyworddit tool is easy to use and gives you deep insights into what your target audience is interested in.


There you have it! 15 of the best SEO tools that you can get your hands on for free. You can go through the features of each of them highlighted here and go for the one that best suits your needs.

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