11 Key Digital Marketing Skills Required to Succeed

What are the key skills required for digital marketing in 2019?

With the advancements in technologies, the business owners and marketing professionals are searching for new methods to boost brand awareness. They are interested in building a solid reputation on digital marketing platforms that can help to capture audience attention worldwide. It will naturally drive sales for long run while ensuring more profits for the company. 

With the increasing competitive forces in the business industry, it is not that easy to prove your edge ahead of the competitors online. At one side where you need to learn hard work, patience, and lots of determination. On the other side, it is also important to train your teams to acquire professional skills to lead successful marketing campaigns online.  

According to survey, there is a significant digital marketing skills gap.


Business promotion these days is not just limited to social media platforms; you have to focus on several areas of interest to serve the audience. A unique combination of advanced skills is essential to maintain to stay active online. Below you will find a few essential digital marketing skills that every marketing professional and entrepreneur need to acquire to succeed in the business industry. 

11 Skills Required for Digital Marketing in 2019

When you are struggling hard to create an impression in the market influenced by digital media; experts advise you to follow a few simple tricks and tactics to prove your edge. Here is the list of few essential digital marketing skills required for promoting every kind of products and services online.

1. Data Analysis  

The information exchange on social media and the internet is increasing with each passing day. That is why professionals are developing numbers of tools for advanced data analytics. This in-depth analysis can help marketing professionals to target more audience online. 

Note that, data analytics can be defined as a functional technique to process huge amount of data available through online interactions. The modern software keeps on collecting extensive data from the target market. It can be in the form of search queries, content consumed, online transactions, and many other online footprints associated with your business. 


It is important to understand that the online user data is of no use if you don’t know how to utilize it for marketing. Every marketing professional must learn to analyze customer data in more effective manner to develop new strategies to grow the brand. 

At the same time, professionals need to work on data cleansing. It is better defined as the process of eliminating duplicate, incorrect, and incomplete data from the available database. 

2. Search Engine Marketing Skills

There are two phases of building a brand reputation online. One is through content optimization on blogs and websites so that organic traffic can be gained. A second popular option is to pay for clicks online, and it can be done through Google AdWords. Note that this paid search is better known as search engine marketing(SEM). 


These tactics can help you rank higher on the search engine results. Experts consider it the best method to build a brand reputation online. This practice will help you drive more traffic on your business platform online. Continuous efforts in this direction can definitely bring more returns to your brand. 

3. Content Marketing Skills

Experts in the business industry believe that content is the king on the digital media platform. All businesses need to work hard to set up a solid foundation for content marketing. The idea is to work on blog posts, images, infographics, and free eBooks as well. More valuable content can help you build solid reputation in the market. 


Content marketing is proven to be the best asset for search engine optimization (SEO). It helps to improve audience engagement online while enhancing conversion rates in the target market. You will soon be able to enjoy higher sales and more returns on your business platform. Prefer to choose topics that are more relevant to your brand. At the same time, they must meet the requirements of your audience as well. When people find your content valuable, they will definitely love to return. 

4. Social Media Marketing Skills

Social media marketing is the most important tool for every marketing professional. There are numbers of website platforms that you need to target; the list includes Facebook, Twitter Instagram, and many more. One can get started with polls, contests, and general posts. The idea is to capture audience attention and boost interaction on the network. 


Prefer to pick topics that are more relevant to your niche and meet audience interests as well. The creative and relevant content can help you achieve your marketing goals with ease. Experts also advise sharing highlights about the latest products and services on social media. It is the best way to keep your audience up to date about your latest collections. Moreover, buyers will find it easier to make their purchase decisions online. 

5. Paid Social Media Advertising Skills

Although social media has gained popularity as a free marketing tool worldwide, it is possible to enhance conversion rates by using paid promotions. Facebook has created new opportunities for growing businesses with advanced brand promotion opportunities. 

The paid advertisement is one of the most effective tools to lead awareness among customers in the market. You may need to customize your content to make it more valuable to the audience. Prefer to experiment with creative images and interesting visuals. 

6. Develop Skills with technology tools and platforms

A few years ago, marketers were completely involved in managing their advertising agency. But with the advancements in technologies, they are now more occupied in advanced tools and software. There are wide range of platforms that can be accessed for free to scale your brand promotion ideas. The list of free tools includes Google analytics, Twitter analytics, Facebook insights, Buffer, Canva, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. 

Other than this, marketing professionals need to focus on digital marketing, email marketing, and specialist social media marketing ideas. It can help them to boost returns in very less time. The prime goal is to progress with technologies and let your business find new growth opportunities in the market. 

7. Design Skills


The trends of marketing and business promotion are changing with each passing day. Earlier it was more about text-based campaigns, but audience these days is more attracted towards visual appearances. Although you cannot be a design expert in one day, it is time to start learning the design principles. They may help you to improve the impact of your social media campaigns. 

Note that, designs may take too much of your time; especially if you are a beginner. It is good to hire some experts who know how to create miracles with Photoshop. Let them create some interesting designs for your brand, and it will soon capture audience attention. 

8. Video Marketing Skills

Most of the marketing professionals believe that it is possible to make promotional campaigns more valuable by sharing video content. The fact is that videos can ensure 100% engagement online. The idea is to just upload custom videos that are more relevant to your niche. At the same time, they must focus on the interest of your audience. 

There are numbers of platforms online where you can share video content. The most preferred target can be YouTube channels. Moreover, software developers have created the latest feature-rich video editing tools. Anyone can use them to create interesting customized videos for branding. 

Simply prefer to choose a relevant theme for your brand and share it on most engaging platform online. It will soon bring more likes, shares, and comments on your page. The higher engagement can boost your ranking on search engine results. In the long run, it is going to divert more traffic on your website. In short, video marketing skills are the most valuable solution to boost conversion rates for business. 

9. Email Marketing Skills

Some of you may say that email marketing techniques were used years ago, and they are not so popular these days. Well, the truth is that email marketing is still equally valuable in the business world. It opens new ways to boost subscribers list online, and you can spread awareness about your brand. 


Emails are the best method to boost conversions, but at the same time, you need to make in-depth analysis on open rates and bounce rates as well. The new-age marketing professionals and entrepreneurs need to develop email marketing skills. It will help them to turn all emails into potential marketing messages. Prefer to create most engaging content for your marketing emails and use adequate words to capture audience attention. 

Email marketing can soon help you to develop a loyal customer base in the market. The experienced business professionals prefer to use email marketing to share updates about the latest offers, products, services, and seasonal discounts. With this, you can ensure higher sales and better returns for long run. Prefer to use latest strategies, metrics, and tools to make your marketing campaigns more fruitful. 

Some of the most popular email marketing platforms that you can plan to use are iContact, Aweber, and Mail Chimp. However, depending upon the prime needs of your business, you can also plan to pick a few others as well. 

10. Viral Marketing Skills


In this fast-paced world, it is important to join hands with some big publishers to make your content go viral. The fact is that you cannot achieve the desired goals until your brand reaches to the target audience. The best method to achieve this target is using some viral videos, images and text posts. 

It is not something that should be done on a regular basis, but a viral post once in a while will play its role. Soon you will be able to get more audience online. Note that viral posts need more niche-focused content. It must create a buzz in the market. 

11. Mobile Marketing Skills

According to latest research results, more than 52% of people prefer to make their buying decisions on the go. They keep on searching about brands and sellers via their smartphones. In this scenario, it is important to find some innovative ways to reach your customers. You can start with mobile-based brand promotion ideas. 

There is no end to mobile marketing strategies. And the great news is that they are suitable for all types of businesses. Prefer to create some user-friendly content that can spread awareness among audience via smartphones. Mobile-friendly content can bring more audience to your business and that too within very less time. Moreover, when people find it convenient to reach your business platform, they will definitely stay for long run. 


It is also important to make your business website responsive so that customers can open it easily on their gadgets. Make sure your website works perfectly on devices with various screen sizes, including desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones as well. Mobile marketing skills can soon help you build strong brand reputation in the target market. 

You can also create some interesting apps for your business that allow customers to place instant orders on the go. Make sure your app has a user friendly interface, and it provides easy access to your niche. Also, it must list all the latest offers and seasonal discounts with special highlights so that buyers can get more attracted to your brand. 

Digital Marketing Skills for Business

There is no doubt to say that digital marketing skills are the need of the hour and it is equally important for every type of business. No matter whether you are running a new business in the market or trying to promote your existing brand, digital marketing skills can serve your needs. 

Prefer to learn the skills listed above and start utilizing these ideas for your brand promotion. The great news is that the market is loaded with numbers of advanced tools and software that can help you lead your campaigns. It is all about dedicating your time to learn digital marketing skills; you will find several ways ahead to succeed with these ideas. 

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