9 Successful Digital Marketing Examples

9 successful digital marketing examples to inspire your campaigns.

Digital Marketing Definition Wikipedia

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising,and any other digital medium.

What are the Digital Marketing Channels?

Digital marketing channels are simply system on the internet that can produce, increase, and transfer the value of the product from the manufacturer to the buyer through the digital network channel.

How to do Digital Marketing?

Let’s list the different ways you can use the digital medium to popularize and drive conversions for your startup or business.

Digital Marketing Methods

There are several digital marketing types. The following are some of the digital marketing types:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Automation
  • Campaign Marketing
  • Data-Driven Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • E-mail direct marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • E-books
  • Optical Disks
  • Games

Role of Digital Marketing

  • Provision of fair opportunities for all businesses
  • More cost-effective compared to other promotional methods
  • Guarantees better revenues
  • Helps to boost targeting and conversions
  • Improves trust and helps to build stronger customer relationship
  • Helps in closing sales
  • Digital marketing is the future

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

The digital marketing strategy you employ will be all those actions that you will take to achieve all the desired goals of your company. The marketing strategies that you choose will give you amazing results if selected from through proper online channels. The channels you are opting for your business line include paid, earned, and owned media.

What is Digital Marketing Campaign?

It might become difficult for you to differentiate between the digital marketing strategy and digital marketing campaign. But there is nothing so difficult to understand between the two-terms. Let’s see how you can distinguish both terms.

As stated earlier for you, that digital marketing strategy is the action, you plan to take to meet the desired goals of your business. While on the other hand, a digital marketing campaign can be described as building blocks or actions that you plan out within your strategy that will take you near to achieving your goals.

9 Successful Digital Marketing Strategies Examples

1. Airbnb


Airbnb has transformed over time. They have changed the way you travel, and it is also one of those travel companies that helps you in finding accommodation.

When it comes to their digital marketing strategy, it is based entirely on the user-generated images and videos. These are mostly those images and videos uploaded on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which is a widely used digital marketing campaign example.

Originally their site was launched at a time when the owner couldn’t even afford the rent. But now the users of their website have crossed 150 million. The number of listings includes 4 million, while their total valuation in the year 2017 was $ 31 billion. Airbnb can be categorized as one of the best digital marketing examples.

2. Dollar Shave Club

If you are one of those people who think shaving is a boring activity, then you have certainly not come across Dollar Shave Club. This company sure knows the art of attracting audiences towards them.

Their digital marketing strategy is one of a kind. They have employed some obnoxious tag lines as their marketing strategy, which made them popular among the masses.

 When the company launched in the year 2012, it grabbed the attention of the audiences through their viral commercial and helped in growing 12000 customers just within 48 hours.

This company is one fine digital marketing example. Their customers increased by 330, 000 customers in the year 2013, and that helped them in generating $ 140 million. Dollar Shave Club is a fantastic digital marketing campaign example. 

3. Lyft

Lyft is one of those companies which made a quiet success in the market. It is a company that climbed the ladder of success through their fantastic marketing strategy and are now dominating a market once ruled by their rival company, UBER. They have now 35% more shares in the market. It can be taken as the finest company which has now become a stupendous digital marketing example.

4. Domino’s


This is another company who very skilfully incorporated their marketing strategy, and you can take it as yet another successful digital marketing campaign example. When customers hear the name of Domino’s, they instantly think that their ordered pizza will be at their doorstep within 30 minutes. This is what the company guarantees and promises its customers.

 As compared to other big brands in the market, this pizza company is the greatest digital marketing example which has become popular among the people. They have also employed investments in their low costs infrastructure and franchise.

5. Tesla


Tesla, which is more commonly known as Tesla. Inc was established in the year 2003. Their Porter’s model is what has given them a competitive advantage which attracts early adopters. Their marketing strategies at based on the principals of generating more sales revenues.  This company is fully aware of the need for penetrating in the market, and for that matter, they know social media marketing is essential. You can categorize them as one of the most excellent company’s digital marketing campaign example available in the market.  

6. Zappos

Zappos is an online shoe brand and knows exactly how to use its customer care. Moreover, this company provides its customers with 365 days of the money-back guarantee. You would not believe it, but this is true. This is one of the greatest marketing strategy examples anyone could quote.

You should not miss their social media campaigns as well. Without much hard work, this company has become successful and one superb digital marketing example. One thing that they avoided was to repeat the mistakes made by their contemporaries. They also planned strategically and hit their target customers. Another plus point which makes this company a successful digital marketing campaign example. 

7. Ice Bucket Challenge

You must know the ice bucket challenge. Back then, every other individual witnessed it craze going on all around the world. But the truth behind this challenge was much more than the eyes saw it. It began to help in research that will find out the cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. This challenge was to raise funds for this thing. This challenge is one of the best digital marketing examples in recent years. Just a simple fun thing would be having so much impact was not something known by the audiences. That’s why this challenge has made it to the list of successful digital marketing campaigns examples. 

8. British Airways

British Airways is another company included in the successful digital marketing campaigns examples list. Their digital marketing is one of the emotional ones. British Airways campaign shows a crew member from the British Airways who fell in love with the culture and traditions of India. Their tag line “Fueled By Love” connects the concept. Their marketing strategy shows that even if you are at your job, all the true care will fill your heart with love and affection. British Airways is another digital marketing example. 

9. KFC India

KFC is a popular international food chain working in India as well. The digital marketing strategies are an example that they want their name to gain more popularity within India. This will ultimately profit them in many ways. Their digital marketing campaigns examples are 

Radio KFC RK Hunt, Designing their bucket, Currycature, and their Wow Menu Option. These marketing campaigns were just designed to grow and develop their brand engagement more in the region of India.

Popular Digital Marketing Examples in India

  • KKR Digital Marketing Case Study
  • Make My Trip Hashtag Campaign  #DilHaiHindustani
  • Paper Boat’s #FloatABoat Campaign on Social Media
  • Zomato Digital Marketing


In short, this article demonstrates how different companies are working efficiently for making their business successful and making in digital marketing examples list. Each company has employed different digital marketing strategy to increase its customers as well their revenues. This article will help you in clearing your misconceptions regarding digital marketing and what role does it play for the growth and development of the company.

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