12 Digital Marketing Activities to Boost Your Business In 24 Hour

Do you want to boost your business in 24 hours? Learn top 12 digital marketing activities to grow your business.

The second decade of the 21st century is all about going digital. The growth of any business is now dependent upon very concise and effective digital marketing activities. You may have built a digital marketing strategy, but you need some help to kick start your strategy on the right track.

In such a fierce competition, no business can spend too much time on strategy building. You need to integrate very efficient and effective activities that are focused on giving quick results.

So, without further ado, let’s jump to the best 12 digital marketing activities that are capable of boosting your business within 24 hours.

Let’s started!

Best 12 Digital Marketing Activities

Below mentioned are some of the effective digital marketing activities to follow.

1. Create A Content Calendar

To understand the importance of this digital marketing activity, we’ve got a quick fact for you. Businesses with a developed content calendar are 60% more successful than others.

A strategy should always have a detailed plan for every key aspect of the strategy. Creating a content calendar will help you to be consistent with your content update.

Your content calendar will be responsible for planning out specific digital marketing activities like blogs, infographics, and videos.

Your content calendar holds the plan of action regarding editorial responsibilities. Generally, priority topics with assigned authors, a list of channels where content is supposed to be posted, and updating of old content are included. 

2. Write A Guest Post

One activity that stands out among the digital marketing activities is guest posting (in terms of building the credibility of your business).

A single guest post on an established platform will give you an overnight exposure in front of a huge audience. Your brand will get acquaintance, and that leads to gaining overnight sales and traffic.

Write great content focused on solving the problem of your target audience. Guest post on a website that has a considerable amount of your targeted audience, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

3. Do An SEO Audit

A great-looking, customized, and the flawless website is driving the wheel of any online business. If your website is lacking any of the above traits, then you are losing potential prospects. 

An SEO audit is beneficial in such a case. It can tell you a lot about your traffic source, website speed, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc.

When you know your SEO faults, it is easier to overcome them rather than staying blind. Obviously, you don’t want to be the last in the race. You need to be a step ahead to beat your competitors. For that, you must integrate this (SEO Audit) particular activity in your digital marketing activities list to overcome your business website’s flaws.

4. Do Some Internal Linking

One great way to convert prospects into customers is to keep them engaged with your website. The more they explore your website, the more you can impress them. But how you can do this?

Great quality content and internal linking of the existing copies is the way to go. If you’ve persuasive content on different pages of your website, which is interlinked, you can achieve a higher conversion rate. Trust us, this is very vital!

Internal linking should be a part of your digital marketing activities list. Internal linking additionally helps in ranking content faster, reduce bounce rate, and helps your website’s SERP, which is essential for boosting your sales.

5. Comment On Three Industry Blogs

Leaving insightful comments on established blogs related to your industry will send a strong message to the people. It shows you have a resilient insight into the problem, and people will perceive you as a credible source.

This activity should be part of your digital marketing daily activities. Showcasing your business as a strong participant will encourage your prospects to believe in you. Furthermore, strong participation in comments will present you as a business that is strongly involved in the industry. 

Make sure you introduce this activity in your digital marketing activities and keep it consistent.

6. Make A Slideshow

It is a common fact that people are more responsive to visual content. Digital marketers highly regard this and should be put in your digital marketing activities list.

Apart from your blog posts and articles, slideshows should also be present on your website. They add life to the concept with strong visual ideas and inspire prospects to make a purchase or subscription. You can achieve exponential growth by just integrating this digital marketing activity.

Make sure your slideshows draw attention and keep them engaged until they’re impressed.

7. Record A Video

If you’re missing out on video marketing, then you’re already behind in competition and missing out on a major chunk of leads. Video marketing is worth giving a shot. 

It gives you a chance to connect with a broader audience, and you can share your case more strongly with your prospects. We greatly encourage you to add video marketing in your digital marketing daily activities.

  • Video marketing allows you to give your business a personality that you want. 
  • If you adopt an expressive style and try to engage with your audience, you will gain trust.
  • Your audience would encourage your business, and you’ll observe the strong growth of your business. 

8. Record A Podcast

Podcasting has emerged as a widely adopted methodology among digital marketing activities. It is a secure tool to reach new prospects and a chance to market your products or services better.

Podcasts can help you build a strong community of loyal customers. It is a fun, interactive, and easy activity to add to your digital marketing activities list. All you need is a good microphone and strong communication skills.

9. Brainstorm Topics For Your Blog

You don’t always need something extraordinary topic to write about. Generating new ideas can be a tiresome process, so you can simply brainstorm ideas. Then, your focus should be writing top-notch content on those topics.

Brainstorming should be included in your digital marketing daily activities. You can use multiple online sources that can help you brainstorm ideas for your blog. 

Writing exceptional content on ideas generated from brainstorming would give birth to interesting topics and content. An interesting piece of content would drive great traffic.

10. Follow Five Relevant People

A social bank is equally essential to a financial bank. Following five relevant people will help you become more aware of the industry, and you’ll gain different perspectives.

A strong digital marketing strategy should involve the following relevant people on social media and digital channels. Not constrained to only 5, you can follow more if you want to. Don’t hesitate to contact them if need be; you never know if they can turn into your strong supporters. 

11. Contact In Influencer

Social media influencers have emerged as a potential lead generation tool. Every digital marketing strategy involves influencer marketing. Social media/digital media influencers are people who have built a strong audience around them with their content.

You can reach out to them for your brand endorsement. I’m a strong advocate of using influencer marketing; the reason is they’ve great ideas for product placement and generate strong leads.

If you’re missing out on influencer marketing, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to turn heads towards your business. Influencer marketing should be at a top place in your digital marketing activities. 

Some considerations are important while choosing a social media influencer. Reach of influencer, values of influencer, philosophy of influencer, and audience matters the most.

12. Submit Your Business to Directories

With the advancement of the Internet and digital world, the days of looking up a business in the yellow pages are over. 

These days the consumers perceive your credibility based on your presence on digital directories. This is why submitting your business to online directories is crucial for your business growth.

There are many specialized industry directories, and you should feature on each one of them. The more you appear on these directories, the more you will be contacted and notified. You should include this in your digital marketing activities list.

There are multiple benefits of submitting your business to directories. You can improve your SEO, brand presence, and credibility. These factors are critical when we talk about exponential and overnight business growth.

Wrapping Up

These digital marketing activities potentially contribute to boosting business in 24 hours. But, we can’t say that digital marketing is static; it is continually evolving. You need to keep up with new tools and tactics to let your business grow. Nothing can stop you from achieving success, but you need to follow the right direction. We hope this article will help you learn how the right digital marketing activities can help boost your business in 24 hours. If you have something interesting to share with us, then do let us know. If you want to keep your business growing, then surely you need to be consistent with these digital marketing activities.

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