Blog Post Ideas for Beginners to Increase Traffic

Are you struggling to come up with ideas for your business blog? Here’re 20 great blog post ideas for beginners.

Business blog is an effective way to market your products, brand and explain topics to your audience. For marketers, a blog is the best marketing tool.

According to HubSpot’s report:

  • A blog can influence a reader’s decision to purchase.
  • Companies blogs have 55% more visitors.
  • The world is becoming more inbound. Blogs are part of the inbound marketing process and help businesses attract and convert readers.

Business blog helps you convert readers, grow a following, and build your brand.

In this post, I’ve curated 60 blog post ideas for beginners to help your business blog. These ideas give you inspiration for your blog.

Top 20 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

1. Latest Trends

People love to read what’s trending or latest happenings in their industry. Blog post about the latest trend is an easy addition to your content schedule. Twitter is the best social media platform to find out current trending topics.

2. Business Latest News

Breaking news attracts reader’s attention and keep updated your audience. Blog post about current news in your business industry is an easy way for content. Google send updates to the masses. 

3. Case Study

Post a case study is a powerful way to market your products or services. Case study post are more powerful than testimonials.

4. Point Out Common Mistakes

Mistakes makes a man perfect. People love to read negative headlines. Negative headline increase CTR by 63% than positive headline. But remember don’t inject too much negativity in your headline. 

5. Conduct Expert Interview 

Interviewing an expert in your industry is a best way to give your audience true value. Expert secrets tips, strategies help you to grow your business faster.

6. Showcase a New Feature

Business blog is highly informative and valuable to the target audience. It keep your customer and clients updated with new features.

7. Write a How-To-Post

People visit Google to find answers to their problems. And a how-to post gives solution to their problems. How-to-post is one of the most popular types of blog posts.

8. About Staff

Sharing information about your staff help your audience to connect with your business on a personal level. Writing a blog post on your team is an excellent way to introduce your staff to audience.

 9. Reports About Your Product

Tell to the world that your product is in the top 10 or #1. If you don’t want to run ads then write a blog post about your product.    

10. Host a Quiz

If you want to make your blog more engaging and interactive then host a quiz. Quizzes help you adapt your product or service for your target customer. Grammarly’s blog regularly host quizzes.

11. Weekly Roundup of Relevant News

Every industry has a lot of news and platforms to find these news stories. Doing a weekly roundup of the best  relevant news for your audience would be very helpful.

12. Create a Seasonal Post

Creating occasional seasonal blog post help you attract more traffic. People search for a seasonal topic and run into your post. Seasonal content also fits well with products or services.

13. Host Webinars

Webinars is a powerful way to grow your email list and traffic. Entrepreneurs conduct webinar to share their secret tips and strategies with audience. Promote your webinar on your blog.

14. Guest Posts from Experts 

Guest post from experts help to grow your blog traffic. Find out expert in your industry who are ready to write guest posts on blog.

15. Highlight Customer Stories

Write about your customer stories on your blog. Customer stories on your blog is the best way to humanize your brand.

16. Tell the History of Your Industry

People love to read industry history. Writing a blog post about business history help to your audience appreciate how far your industry has truly come.

17. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Your readers always ask you lots of questions related to your products and services. Why not make a blog post on frequently asked questions? 

For example, Harsh Agrawal founder of ShoutMeLoud used this idea.

18. Offer Step-By-Step Guides

Step-by-step guide is most popular blog post type. It gives your readers in-depth knowledge about products and services.

19. Give Away a Freebie

If you want to increase email subscriber then offer freebie to your audience. Write a post and offer freebie in your blog post. 

20. Feature a Success Story

Show off to your audience how great is your product and services. Share success story of your customers or clients. This helps your readers to understand more about your products and services.


Above list of 20 blog post ideas for beginners help to grow your business online. Content calendar is important for your business blog. 

If you need help to increase blog traffic, check out my post on how to increase your blog traffic: 12 powerful tips.

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