Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress to Make Money

Do you know the best Google AdSense plugins for WordPress? Read the full article and start making money online.

Most of the people around the world keep on looking for new opportunities to make money online. It helps them to run additional monthly expenses without putting an extra burden on their limited income. Well, Google AdSense is the safest solution for earning more through a website or blog.

Millions of webmasters are using Google AdSense to avail incredible benefits with its pay per click program. However, if you are new to Google AdSense plugins for WordPress, we advise you to go through the details below. 

Top 4 Best Google AdSense WordPress Plugins

Here we have listed the four most popular and smart Google AdSense plugins that can be used with WordPress. They allow users to display ads that are more relevant to the content on the website. When visitors link on these ads, you will get some commissions. 

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is the first most amazing Google AdSense plugin for WordPress platform. You will be happy to hear that it comes with interactive customization options along with 16 unique code blocks. Even the free version also offers easy access to many advanced features. The automatic display system allows efficient placement of ads at best locations on the website. The Ad Inserter can also help you put ads into the content paragraphs. With this, you can easily maximize audience engagements, and it can naturally ensure higher returns. 

WordPress Ad Widget

With this plugin, you will be able to add a number of ads to your WordPress website. As soon as you install this plugin on your website, you can put a widget on the sidebar and then choose the ad that you want to display. But note that it doesn’t contain any build-in the ad management interface. Users need to fix them using widgets. However, the drag and drop abilities make it quite easier to handle for beginners as well. With WordPress Ad Widget, you can even use image and text-based ads. Moreover, there are unlimited customization options to make advertising tasks much simpler. 

Easy Google AdSense

As the name indicates, this AdSense can make your advertising task quite simple. In case if you are one of those busy professionals who don’t want to spend much time to manage every ad separately, this plugin can help you better. Easy Google AdSense plugin is also recommended for beginners because all that you need to do is install this plugin and activate it. As soon as you enter AdSense publisher ID to this plugin, it will manage rest all. 

Quick AdSense

Quick AdSense is one of the most widely recommended Ad management plugins for the WordPress platform. It allows users to insert ads into blog posts as well as website pages in the most flexible manner. Beginners find it more useful because of its simple settings page. There are several options for ad placement, and you can also disable them on the fly. Quick AdSense allows users to add a maximum of ten ads per page. Moreover, it provides easy integration with other services. 

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