Auto Like on Facebook Photo With 1000 Likes- Scam or Real?

How to get thousands Facebook likes in one day? Is it safe to use auto liker? Auto like Facebook photo 1000 likes- is scam or real?

Everyone comes across the Ads where it is mentioned get 500 or 1000 likes. Most of the people get tempted by these ads to increase the likes on their post or photos. But are they worth it? The simple answer is it depends on various factors.

The reason being there are many companies present online that render authentic Facebook auto likes with extensive research. It makes the people tilted towards getting photo likes, or posts likes to maximize their reach to audiences. 

The requirements for free Facebook likes increased because there are nearly 2.41 billion active users on Facebook in 2019 as per Statista. It means you can quickly generate 1000 Facebook likes with the use of authentic apps. But, this still raises many questions in the user’s mind.

Let us now see a few pointers that will provide a clearer view of using auto likes for their Facebook account.

Facebook Auto Likes-Scam Or Real?

Getting auto like Facebook photo 1000 likes is not a child’s play. Many companies create the bots that automatically send likes on user’s photos. People who are eager to get 1000 likes on their photos use the services of these promising companies.

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Many auto liker apps or websites promise fake likes on your photos in just a few minutes, but Facebook is tracking them down. Moreover, Facebook also rate it as illegal, and you can even lose your profile too. 

A report states that people upload nearly 300 million photos per day. It means you can opt for automatic photo likes for Facebook 1000 likes for your profile from a trustworthy company. 

How to Get auto 1000 Likes on Facebook Photo in One Day

Here are a few pointers that give a detailed insight into Facebook auto likes.

  • Choose an Authentic Auto Liker Website: The first method of getting likes on Facebook is choosing an authentic auto liker website. These websites provide likes for your posts, photos, videos, etc. You need to go through the customer reviews before choosing a trustworthy site.
  • Disruption of Facebook Terms and Conditions: Facebook has provided terms and condition for page promotion and using Facebook Ads. But, this may not get you a plethora of likes. It may want you to try auto liker websites that are safe or legal but still somewhere the terms of Facebook can be disrupted.
  • Likes by Real Users for Money: There is massive propaganda about the auto liker websites that provides Facebook photo likes. But, these are not stated as the fake likes since there are real users who put likes on your photos for a few cents. The websites provide you a Facebook token to access the auto liker sites to start getting 1000 likes.
  • Only Verified Accounts: If you are looking for the auto likes on your photos, then one condition is that you should be above 18 years. You can only sign up with these auto liker websites after full verification.
  • No Responsibility for Undesirable Comments: As these sites possess real users who are only selling their likes for your photos, so if they leave any undesirable comment, then you have to delete it on your own. These websites do not take any responsibility for the comments left by these kinds of users.
  • Facebook Anti-Block Feature: Few websites render services like Facebook Anti Block feature so that the social media platform does not delete your profile. Moreover, these sites will also fix any bugs and provides limited likes daily to escape any hassle.

Facebook Photo Auto Liker


Wefbee also known as webfee is the best auto tools website which helps you to get like free likes/followers/requests and auto posting in groups or pages.

Hublaa liker help you to increase Facebook likes and reactions on your photos, posts, videos. Hublaa liker improve your social strength for free.

4Liker is a very helpful app to get automatic likes for all your posts for free. 4Liker is the perfect app for your business to increase likes, reactions and get more visibility on social media. Get thousands of likes on your Facebook posts for free.

Djliker is a advance exchange system using facebook token and increase your facebook likes and Get Free Likes/Followers/Comments free of charge.

Free Liker helps Facebook users to get more likes on the posts. This website helps you to have more reaction and comments on your photos. If you have a Facebook page, then the performance of your page depends on likes there on the page. If you have more than one page, then you need someone to get this work done for you. Free Liker is amazing App and provide services for free. Go for Free Liker now and have lifetime best experience!

Official Liker is one of the best and classic Facebook auto likers which is running from 2012. You can easily increase likes on your Facebook video, photos, and status for Official Liker. On each submit button, you can get instant 500 likes. After each submission, you have to wait for 15 mins so that you can use Offical Liker again.

Auto Like Facebook Photo 1000 Likes APK Download


Is Facebook Auto Liker Safe?

No….auto liker is not safe for your Facebook account. I never recommend to use auto liker to get more likes. To use Facebook auto liker, you have to give third party access to Facebook account. This means you are allowing a third party to  view your Facebook photos, messages, share unwanted posts. There is possibility to hack your Facebook account by changing your account password. But if you’re so crazy about likes then you can use but change your login information after using it.

Best 5 Tips for Facebook Likes

  • Pay for Facebook Ads to get more likes. There are 3 types of Ads website clicks, website impression and post promotion.
  • Run Facebook Ads effectively. Facebook ads help you to get more likes.
  • Content is King. Write quality content post on social media to increase engagement.
  • Create Facebook group for your business.
  • Promote your Facebook page content to relevant Facebook groups. This will increase your likes by 30%.


The only authentic way to get likes on your photos on Facebook is through great content and reaching out to a large scale of users through your smart social media skills. But, a few people want everything fast, and the online auto liker websites are a one-stop solution.

They provide everything right from 1000 likes on your photos to shares and comments in one package. Many of these websites keep a watch on the Facebook algorithms so that their clients do not get blocked. This proves great for many businesses too who are settling themselves in the online market.

So, if you are looking forward to getting maximum likes on your Facebook photos, then it is excellent if you find an authentic auto liker website with reliable reviews.

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